Sacred Line


A story of intrigue and terror


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Sacred Line is a first person horror adventure game where players control Ellen, a detective who heads into an abandoned cabin in the middle of a forest after receiving an anonymous phone call from someone who promises her some information about the disappearance of her sister.

This is the start of a first-person horror adventure game along the lines of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, in which players have to pick up objects and solve puzzles using a system of realistic game physics. All this takes place while you are being stalked by... a strange presence.

One of the most striking things about Sacred Line is its graphics. The game uses a largely black and white palette, with occasional flashes of red. This makes the game extremely creepy, and you will be on edge during the whole game due to the many scares that await you.

Sacred Line is a first person horror game with excellent graphics and very interesting mechanics. The story might not be particularly original, but it will definitely keep you very entertained and quite scared.
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